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Have you ever felt the quiet confidence that you got your situation under control?!?

In April of 2016, I was truly humbled…

What makes a man?!?

His muscles? His Anatomy? His Ego? His Reputation?…


I will stand firm and tell you that his Integrity is what makes him who he is.

And not in the sense of the word you are probably thinking.

Firstly a distinction…

Accountability is when I keep my agreements with others.

Integrity is when I keep agreements with myself.

True Integrity is when a man can look himself in the mirror and be 100% in alignment and love with his reflection without flinching. With no doubt, that he is living his mission with purposeful intent.

This is what The ManKind Project helped me discover when I travelled up to Koongewarre up in Springbrook to complete my New Warrior Training Adventure.

I was broken down to the core… I had absolutely no place to hide, and I was forced to face my shadows that weekend.

“Shadows” represent the parts of myself that I don’t want anyone to see. So I hide, repress and deny that they even exist.
Facing these shadows changed my Life!

I would not be the man I am today if it were not for the men who have dedicated their lives to creating REAL men for today’s society.

Real men who can face their emotions, speak truthfully about their pain and overcome their shadows like a Warrior.

MKP rocked my world, and I am proud to say that I will be venturing back up the mountain this coming weekend for my 3rd time Staffing the NWTA.

It brings me insurmountable amounts of joy to be a part of a man’s journey towards becoming a true Warrior.

As Warriors, we do not use our swords to cut, slash and harm others. We use our swords to serve ourselves, our families, our kingdoms and our missions in life.

That is what makes us New Age men.

Men who can look another in the eye, expose our deepest shadows and stand, as a man, completely in vulnerability.

This is what I know as my real mission in this life.

To create a world in which any man can face his demons, connect with his true emotional self and conquer his fears…

For any man brave enough to take this journey, I honour you and would love nothing more than to stand with you, man to man, to begin this journey.

To all my brothers in arms.


*See Below* An insight into my journey towards becoming the man I want to become.

Brandon Clift and his team have leveraged years of experience and multiple qualifications to create a complete transformation system at Zone Transformation Specialists which is based on the Gold Coast in Australia.

The Transformation system used at Zone is well researched, proven to be effective, safe, and holistic. Encompassing exercise, diet, lifestyle, mindset advice and guidance which enables MASSIVE positive change.

If you or someone you know is looking to make a shift in how you approach life’s challenges, give Brandon and his team a call.

You can reach Brandon at


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