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True Champions FINISH What They Start! (5 Tips To SMASHING Your Fit Goals)

So you’ve made it this far… You’re feeling great, your sleep is amazing, your energy levels have skyrocketed and the sex…. Don’t even get me started!


However, you haven’t achieved your end goal yet… This is where most people fall off of the bandwagon and lose everything they have worked hard for.
You see, I have seen it time and time again. We have taken our clients through some remarkable transformation and helped them create habits in their daily lives to keep moving towards their big goals. However, a degree of comfort sets in. They absorb the adoration from their peers, they relish in their momentary achievement and everything seems to be turning up Millhouse. However, a success assassin begins to sneak up behind you and is just moments away from his killing blow!
If you find you are falling into this category, do not despair! That is exactly why we are here! 🙂 and hopefully by the end of this short read, you will have rekindled the fire that decided to TACKLE this challenge in the first place.
Having achieved a big stepping stone along their journey they naturally begin to feel complacent. Their need to change begins to soften and their motivation dial begins to drop from 11 down to an 8, then a 7, then a 6 and before you know it they have slipped back into their old “Comfort Zone”. At Zone this is what we refer to as the “Sad Island.”
Now I am not trying to be a buzz kill or take away from their success. All I want is for you to be conscious of the gravitational pull that can be pulling you one way or another. This is where you need to be best prepared to navigate wisely and reassess and set NEW goals for your BIG goal.

DON’T YOU WORRY CHILD! Below are my 5 Steps To Getting Your Ass Back Into Gear!

  1. NEVER FORGET Why you started: Deep down there is an underlying reason you commenced this fit goal. For many it has less to do with fitness and EVERYTHING to do with changing your life, happiness, relationships, confidence. THE LIST NEVER ENDS!

  2. Leverage That Pain: Use those emotions of sadness, frustration, guilt to your advantage. There is no point feeling low for no reason! Use those feelings as fuel towards your actions.

  3. Action Plan: Having a simple and effective action plan that is scheduled into your calendar can make ALL of the difference in your success with your goals. By putting it into your Calendar you create accountability with yourself and make your actions purposeful.

  4. Accountability: Share your goals and aspiration with the people you care about the most and who you would like to depend on for motivation. If you’re comfortable share those goals with your entire social network if you’re really willing! Remember that this can go against you in the long run if you re sharing your ambitions with people that might try and knock you off of your perch. Be very selective of who you choose to keep you accountable and hold your feet to the fire if need be.

  5. Celebrate along the way: Too many people work with just the end goal in mind. Why not celebrate as you go? It’s important to set little goals to reach each and every week/month so that you can work towards something tangible that you can smell, feel and touch. Many of my clients have booked themselves photoshoots at the end of their 12 week programs. Even an engagement!

So if you are TRUE CHAMPION and committed to landing on your ‘Happy Island’, now is the time to fortify your defenses, arm yourself with the necessary weaponry and charge forward towards your NEXT level of fitness and health!

Brandon Clift – Founder of ZONE – Transformation Specialists


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